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Ik ben Jacqueline, woon in Nederland en ben vaak creatief bezig.
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Welcome at my blog!
I am Jacqueline. I live in the Netherlands. I create a lot of things, which I regularly post here.
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maandag 23 juni 2014

NiceCrane Design - Dorothee shoes

Nicecrane Design - Dorothee shoes

Het plaatje is van één van mijn sponsors: Nicecrane Design.
Ik heb haar ingekleurd met Copic Markers.

The image is of one of my sponsors: Nicecrane Design.
I've coloured her with Copic Markers.

De roos heb ik uit design papier geknipt en in 3D opgewerkt.

I've cut the rose a couple of times out of design paper en made it 3D.

1 opmerking:

  1. OMG you color really well,,,,,Jacqueline,,,,,,I love Dorothee colors,,,,and what a crearive 3D effect on the flower,,,,,yeajhhh,, amazing card,,,,,,my friend, and all over so happy to hear from you again,,,,,,,,,,. you are Rock...and a Copic`s Queen